I am so grateful to Elena for everything she taught me about health and nutrition. I have a couple of health issues for which it is tricky to find the right nutrition. I was absolutely amazed by the breadth of her knowledge and ability to recommend a truly unique and personalized nutrition plan. Every session she listened carefully to my feedback and supported me in every step of my health improvement journey. What I liked about working with her is that she actually bases her recommendations on what you like to eat. Her gentle and humorous approach also makes it fun! I gained a wealth of knowledge from working with Elena, it’s been truly eye-opening. I’ve started noticing positive changes in my first two weeks and it’s so good to know that I’ve established healthy habits that will positively affect my life from now on.
— Lyola Rowe

After just two sessions, I witnessed results that kept me coming back for more. Elena is truly an emerging leader in the health coaching arena and I would recommend family and friends with no hesitation.

One of the most important things to me is to see someone live what they teach, and I could see examples of Elena’s own habits to stay healthy day in and day out. I could also see the constant work ethic she put into each client she deals with.

Also the one-on-one aspect is really warm: I felt very comfortable sharing information with her that normally I would be nervous to talk about. She really helped me to let myself be free and focus on how to get on track with my health and wellness.

I’m excited about the energy level and physical strength I have developed by following Elena’s guidance. She truly has helped me become fit and happy.

From our first meeting, I was very impressed by how well Elena listened to me and how up to date she was on a variety of nutrition research; then I was impressed by how thoughtfully she put together a wellness plan for me to try out.

I know Elena’s not a doctor, but I have to say she paid more attention to me than my GP does, and she made a connection between two different minor ailments I had that my regular doctor had failed to see. I now consider her counsel a cornerstone of my commitment to healthy living.

I am a mother of two very active boys who tries to be good to herself while juggling all the needs of the family. With Elena, I realized that I have to allocate some time that is only my time in order to feel balanced and accomplished.

With Elena supportively guiding me, I have started a new morning ritual: getting up earlier and doing some yoga and meditation which clears my mind and helps me to set a good tone for the day. And I find her posts about nutritious snacks, dishes, and drinks very inspiring, easy to make, and extremely yummy! Her nutritious food combinations fulfill and energize me and make me feel loved.

I found myself looking forward to our bi-weekly meetings like an outlet of ‘me’ time. Elena lets you find your own solution that is tailored just for you.
— Anastasia

I have learned so much from Elena. Our one-on-one sessions have taught me such discipline that I have rearranged the way I look at food forever. I have learned about moderation and better choices, and now I am excited to share every recipe and food fact with anyone who wants to learn. I have cut out foods that I thought I would never be able to live without!

Because of these lifestyle changes, and Elena’s gentle approach, I have become a better version of myself and feel healthy from the inside out.

I have a very busy work schedule. Working with Elena helped me turn the page to cooking and eating proper food again which has deeply affected the way I feel emotionally and how I function. Her work is personalized, sensitive, informed, and productive.

My entire way of eating and cooking has changed. I feel much more grounded and calm. My energy level has increased dramatically. Elena provides an endless supply of simple, nourishing, and delicious recipes. It was fun, productive and life-changing to work with her.  I cannot recommend her enough.
— Philomena

Effective health coaching is the future of healthcare. It’s not just about good nutrition, it’s also about the other aspects in your life that affect your approach to food. After seeing Elena, I feel more positive… about everything. I gained an appreciation for a wider variety of foods; learned that cooking can be quick, easy, and healthy; and most importantly, I have more energy. Good nutrition definitely helps organize other parts of your life! Everyone should try out a health coach!
— Christina

Working with Elena I learned to stay present while I eat and actually enjoy the process, that nourishing food can also be tasty, and to pay close attention to reading the labels. Elena is incredibly passionate about helping others, sharing her knowledge about food and living in a healthy way by taking care not only of her body but her mind and soul, too. She walks her talk and I admire that. Elena has a true gift and just her presence inspires me to be the best version of myself! She has a special place in my heart.
— Jackie

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