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It’s Time to Thrive!


Step into wholeness and freedom

Experience optimal health in your sobriety. Say goodbye to persistent health issues. Free yourself from cravings, cross-addictions, and unhealthy choices. Establish a solid foundation of healthy habits, practices, and knowledge.


One-on-One Coaching

When you work with me, we will connect—through video chat or in person—over the course of several sessions to identify and examine your particular health issues.

With this info, and using the Sweet Science 5 (eating, sleeping, breathing, moving, and meditating) as our guideposts, we will begin to envision your unique path to total, lasting health.

We’ll devise a personally tailored program just for you that includes specific recommendations, recipes, health practices, and support strategies designed to address your unique situation. I’ll support you along the way as you learn new skills, establish new habits, and progress on your journey.

By the end of our work together, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to address all aspects of your wellbeing, and will be well on your way to loving your sobriety—not just surviving it.


My Philosophy


My education and experience have taught me that there are 5 major areas of practice that need our attention if we are to reach our optimal health in sobriety. Together, these 5 elements form the founding philosophy of all my work. They are the Sweet Science 5!












Signature One-on-One Programs


Get unstuck and evolve your recovery. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to break through to the next level of health and start enjoying the heck out of sober life? If so, Refresh & Release is for you.

Commit to a complete personal health revolution and thrive in your sobriety! This program will help you create lasting life changes and build real, strong wellbeing that touches every part of your life.

Is a particular issue on your mind? Or maybe a stubborn symptom keeps tripping you up? In a Clarity Session, we can discuss any topic related to holistic wellness or healthy sobriety.


Who is Sweet Science for?

Sweet Science is for people in recovery from addiction who want to learn and practice new ways of improving their total health and feeling great in their sobriety.



In recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and feeling stable, but know your overall health could be better

In the early days of sobriety and want to add good health habits to your new “clean routine”

Experimenting with long stretches of sobriety and feel ready to practice holistic health habits as part of your ambition to become fully sober

You are not...

Experiencing a crisis with your alcohol or drug addiction

A person with chronic or acute physical or mental health ailments that require medical attention

Seeking a “magic bullet” to fix your health concerns and are not willing to learn, grow, and try new things on your path to wellbeing in sobriety



After just two sessions, I witnessed results that kept me coming back for more. One of the most important things to me is to see someone live what they teach, and I could see examples of Elena’s own habits to stay healthy day in and day out and the constant work ethic she puts into each client she deals with.

“The one-on-one aspect is really warm: I felt very comfortable sharing information with Elena that normally I would be nervous to talk about. She really helped me to let myself be free and focus on how to get on track with my health and wellness. Elena is truly an emerging leader in the health coaching arena.”



Do you recommend any specific addiction recovery programs?

While most addiction recovery programs offer value to those seeking to become sober or strengthen their sobriety, choosing and exploring them is a very individual experience. I support all my clients’ participation (or not) in addiction recovery programs, and believe that the Sweet Science wellness program can work as a complement to any of them.

I don’t have an issue with alcohol or drugs, but I do have a sugar, nicotine, or caffeine addiction, or some problematic eating habits. Will you work with me?

Probably! Some of my clients are not in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction but do struggle with other addictive behaviors, such as emotional eating or stress eating, reliance on food-based stimulants, or compulsive junk food intake. Contact me, I’d love to talk and see how we might work together.

How do you meet with your clients?

The majority of the time, I connect with people via video chat. However, if you live in the San Francisco Bay area, I would love to meet you in person for our first session and for any follow-up sessions you’d like.

Do you teach a particular diet: raw, vegan, paleo, etc?

I do not subscribe to any specific diet and do not teach any one way of eating to my clients. Generally speaking, I believe diets that best support optimal health are: organic, mainly plant-based, consist largely of whole foods, and grown as locally as possible. What’s more important than any particular food characteristics is that together, you and I find a way of eating that supports your lifestyle and health goals, is easy for you to maintain, tastes delicious, and keeps you feeling satisfied.

Will I be able to maintain the way of eating and the lifestyle habits I developed in the Sweet Science program after we part ways?

The foundation of good health is the formation of good habits, skills, and knowledge that work together over time to bring ease, joy, and freedom into your life. A foundation that truly works is one you will keep coming back to, and that will feel like the opposite of adhering to a meal plan.

In our work together, we will explore your idea of optimal health, set goals, then work on creating your foundation using the Sweet Science 5. Increasingly, as you practice and revise new habits for yourself, the knowledge and skills you gain will begin to feel like second nature.

Got more questions? Send me a note!


Ready to start or have questions?

I’d love to hear about your recovery and see if Sweet Science might be right for you.