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Are you struggling in your sobriety with one or two of the following health issues?



weight gain

extreme food cravings

caffeine dependency




stress eating

emotional eating

mood swings






night sweats

splitting headaches


women: painful periods

body odor


Break through to the next level

If you’re ready to take the necessary steps to break through to the next level of health and enjoy the heck out of sober life, then the Refresh & Release private coaching program was made for you!


During the program, you will...

Kickstart positive changes in many aspects of your life by incorporating healthy new daily routines. You’ll begin to accomplish new goals—like achieving and maintaining your ideal weight—in a way that is empowering and exciting. As you start to feel more focused, clear-headed, energetic, and in control, you’ll find yourself gaining the confidence you need to create the lasting healthy sobriety you want.

Sweet Science Coconut

Refresh & Release

Program Includes:



You’ll receive 6 one-hour sessions over 3 months. We will connect through video chat or in person. Most clients schedule 2 sessions per month, but we can do whatever works for you. In every session, you’ll get expert guidance, accountability, and inspiration as you learn new skills and progress on your journey. We’ll talk about your experience working with the plan and any questions you have, and will adjust it as necessary to suit your needs. By the end of our work together, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to address all aspects of your wellbeing.


During our first session, I’ll ask you a series of questions about your health. We’ll look at the symptoms and problems you’re most concerned about and start to examine their potential root causes (blood sugar imbalance, inflammation, mineral depletion, malabsorption, nutrient deficiency...). I’ll begin to get a sense of the most effective types of changes you could start to make in your daily life.

subsequent SESSIONS

In the sessions that follow, we’ll work together to craft a step-by-step wellness plan and assemble a unique roster of healthy tips and routines based on the Sweet Science 5 that you can follow between our meetings. This personal program, devised just for you, will include info and rubrics about food shopping and cooking, daily health practices, and staying connected to your wellness goals—all selected to address your unique situation. This individually tailored plan can be your ongoing guide to maintaining your wellbeing, and to enjoying all the energy and freedom that a heathy sober life has to offer!, both during and after the program.


You will receive thoroughly researched handouts on subjects like sleep, movement, meditation, and breath that I will curate specially for your needs. I’ll also prepare personalized dietary notes and share recipes that will help you shop for, cook with, and enjoy the foods that will best help you to maintain optimal health and happiness in your sobriety.


You can always email me between sessions, whenever you have a question. I will respond within 24 business hours.


Refresh & Release

3 Month Private Coaching Program

6 one-hour sessions over 3 months

Total Investment: $750